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Meditate Mass 351 Challenge: 27 of 351 (Southborough)

Ken at the Southborough Historical Museum, Southborough, Massachusetts, 8 April 2012

After my visit to Westborough, I noticed that I had a little time left before sundown and figured that I would see if I could visit another community in the way home. In looking at the map, I noticed that Route 30 left Westborough Center and went to Southborough on the way home.

I’ve had friends that lived in Southborough over the years, and I’ve traveled through it on the way to other places, but I never really stopped in it. It’s a pretty rural town with most of whatever business occurring on Route 9, which goes through the southern third of the town. I got to the pastoral town center, and I got to see the two institutions that signify the town: the Fay School and St. Mark’s School. Both are private boarding schools that occupy the west and east sides of the center respectively. For those of you who remember 1960’s movies of boy’s boarding school, the landscape will look familiar. Wide green lawns and soccer fields, paths through the woods and brick buildings. As it was Easter evening, again there weren’t many people around and I would assume that many of the students were away in break.

The town also had the “standard for New England” while church and town hall, but there was also a historical society museum and an old horse trough. These used to be standard in most towns as people would travel by horse power and they needed to water their horses once they stopped in town for some activity. I’ve seen them before but it was nice to see again.

Horse Trough on Southborough Common, Southborough, Massachusetts, 8 April 2012

So, what do you remember seeing that’s brought back memories?

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