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About Ken

This website is the opportunity for me to be creative, and try a bunch of things out. In addition to practicing my WordPress skills, I like to write about my music, art, health, spirituality, genealogy, travel, local information and anything else that catches my interests.

Also, check out these pieces of information:

I’m glad to share the journey with you!


  1. Cait

    Thanks for the podcast with Tara R-R on GTD. Have u studied the Five O’Clock Club methodology? It is very similiar to what u were saying

  2. Ken

    You’re welcome Cait. I’ve a basic knowledge of the 5 O’Clock club, as I’ve been involved with groups like that up here in the Boston area. You might want to check over to my professional sight to see more of what I’m talking about over there at This is my play-around site for me to post different things about myself and to learn wordpress!

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