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Meditate Mass 351 Challenge: 26 of 351 (Westborough)

Ken at Westborough Town Hall, Westborough, Massachusetts, 8 April 2012

With the price of gas recently going up, and the distances that I’m now going to have to travel to meditate in different Massachusetts towns, I’m trying to visit a number of towns when I am already going on a trip. I traveled out to Westborough for a combined Easter Dinner/Sister’s Birthday family gathering, so I made the little side trip from the busy Route 9 big box strip to Westborough Center.

My brother lived in Westborough many years ago, so I’ve been there but mostly just to visit him. What I remembered mostly of the town was that it had a little rotary in the middle of town. There are a number of stores and historic buildings but overall it’s a lot quieter than Route 9. It was Easter evening though so I don’t think I got the best picture of the liveliness of the place. The first flowers were coming up out of the ground and the trees were starting to bud.

As I was leaving, I noticed a large complex east of town that looks like it was connected to the commuter rail stop that now brings the train from Boston to here and onto Worcester.  I’ve heard there are some really good restaurants in there, and it’s hopefully changed the focus of everything being on the highway of Route 9 to bringing some more traffic and life to downtown.

So, What things have you been doing to revamp areas of your life that might have lacked attention?

Ken at the Westborough Public Library, Westborough, Massachusetts, 8 April 2012

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