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Meditate Mass 351 Challenge: 25 of 351 (Northborough)

My rapper sword dance team, the Gay Blades, had a rehearsal out at the First Parish of Northborough where two of our dancers are members, so this was a good excuse for me to add to the list of towns I’ve visited.

My sister lived in Northborough for many years, and I had a lot of friends in high school who lived there, so it wasn’t a new place to go. US Route 20 is the main route through town, and I was surprised to see how built up it had become. I had always thought of Northborough as very rural (and I’m sure that there’s still a lot of green there, but there sure has been a lot of change in the place.

One of the biggest changes there has been a new shopping plaza near the intersection of routes 20 and 9, where they opened the first Wegman’s in Massachusetts. I has never been to a Wegman’s, but many people waxed eloquently about it and there were people camped out there for the grand opening a number of months ago. I therefore had to go see it.

It’s s really nice supermarket which I think you’d have to use the term mega market as super isn’t sufficient. They’ve got everything there including a restaurant. I did get done groceries, but they for the most part weren’t one’s I couldn’t get at my local store. If I lived closer, I might go there regularly, but I don’t think it’s worth a special trip.

First Parish in Northborough, Massachusetts

So, what have you noticed that’s changed in places that you used to be a regular?


  1. greenboatdesign

    We’ve had a Wegmans in Binghamton/Johnson City NY since the early ’90s (they’re based in Rochester, NY) and it’s one of the things my husband and I missed most when we lived in New Hampshire for a few years. The only way it changed while we were gone was that it’s even better now. (They’re also rated as one of the 10 best U.S. companies to work for. Nice to shop at a place where you know they treat people well.)

  2. Ken Mattsson

    Yes, it did seem like a good place, and I have heard they’re really good to their employees, etc. It’s just too far to go regularly. I did hear that they are planning on opening a store in Burlington though, and that would be doable.

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