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Meditate Mass 351 Challenge: 11 of 351 (Wilbraham)


Happy New Year to all of you! I’ve just gotten back from a New Years Retreat at Easton Mountain, and I’m both exhilarated and tired! It was a great weekend with some great workshops. We meditated 2012 in, and then danced! It’s a great way to start the year. I have the feeling it’s going to be a good year!

I got lots of ideas about future articles and spoke with a few possible guest bloggers here, and I’ll be writing out that more in the near future, but I wanted to take the opportunity to check another town off the list in the Meditate Mass 351 Challenge. As I dropped off my friend Steven in Ludlow, I was looking for a town around there that I could go to on the way home. Wilbraham seemed the best option, and it was a town that I had never been to before. It’s best known as the home town of Friendly’s Ice Cream, but I didn’t managed to see the original store.

As I’m sure will happen in the future, I don’t always get there at the best time. As sundown was about 4:30, I got there right as it was getting dark, and didn’t have the best lighting to take pictures, but I’ve got something to show for it. I parked near Wilbraham & Monson Academy (a private school that I remembered hearing about sometime in my past), and walked the little town center. Most of the commercial businesses are up on Route 20, but I like to see what the spirit of the place is without strip malls. This had a nice little park with a really cool World War II monument, but it was too dark then to get a picture of myself there. I had to do the best that I could with things that were lit, which left me with the Police department. At least it’s proof!

So, what are you doing to stretch yourself this new year?


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