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Producing basically means making things, and there are many varieties of this that I have done in my life and I’m spending time on now learning more:

  • Audio Production: I’ve been learning how to record and use home audio equipment and digital audio workstations (DAW) to record and release music, currently including two EPs, Breaking Through and Courage to Play. Plans are to release my first full length album, The Solitary Years, in late 2023.
  • Event Production: In my past, I have organized and developed events, workshops, festivals, and other gatherings of people. Ken was the co-producer of the Bay Path Dulcimer Festival in Central Massachusetts from 2001-2004. During the COVID Lockdown of 2020-21, I produced nine online concerts as part of my Virtual House Concert series.
  • Teaching: Ken’s profession life in teaching (Master of Science in Education and Adult & Organizational Learning from Suffolk University) has also spilled into his musical life where he was been a teacher, workshop leader, and curriculum designer. He studied modern western square dance calling with Don Beck and Gloria Rios Roth, and also has occasionally called contra dances for Lavender Country & Folk Dances. He’s taught waltz and hambo at LCFD and waltz at NEFFA with Emily Kovatch. He has also taught music theory and performance basics for ukulele players, as well as beginner hammered dulcimer lesson to local beginners.
  • Writing: I have written and published articles and news stories online and in print publications, and many article on my blog here.
  • Social Media Production: I’m learning how to develop content development for the web, such as graphics and video.