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While I started writing tunes (waltzes, reels, and jigs) in the early 2000’s, I didn’t start writing songs until 2020, when I found out about February Album Writing Month. This is a group of approximately 2,500 songwriters from around the world who get together in February with the goal of writing 14 songs (i.e. enough to put together an album). I started off after hearing a passing mention about it about it in a podcast on January 28, 2020 (and it wasn’t even the subject of the discussion), and went to find it on the internet and see what it was about. My initial feelings was that this terrified me, and it was what I needed to do.

Since 2020, I’ve taking part in FAWM and also the related 50 Songs in 90 Days Challenge, which goes from July 4 to October 1 every year. Between these challenges and some ongoing support from other emerging songwriters, I’ve written somewhere around 100 songs so far, and many of them I’ve been very happy with them and they’ve been well received by many audiences.

I’m continually working at getting better, and I’m continuing to write, perform, and develop content to put out to the world try things out.

You can download my recordings, Breaking Through and Courage to Play for free (with donations accepted). I am currently working on my first full-length album, The Solitary Years, which is planned to come out in late 2023.

Harmony Singer’s Lament, which is on my debut EP Breaking Through, was one of the first songs I ever wrote. Back in April 2020, when the COVID lockdown came about, I was going crazy being alone, and was overcome with the idea that I wouldn’t be able to sing with other people for a very long time. This song came out of that time.