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Courage To Play

My second recording, Courage to Play, was released in October 2022, and contains five experimental songs that I wrote as part of my participation in the 50 Songs in 90 Days Songwriting Challenge in 2022. The recording is available to download for free, including the liner notes and lyrics. If you wish to donate, you can send me some money through PayPal or Venmo.


  1. Playtime 00:53
  2. Fighting Inertia 01:41
  3. Creamed Corn Attacked the Suburbs 02:51
  4. Sloths at the Bazaar 05:38
  5. The Glance 01:51

Part of my goal for 50/90 is to try new things and just see what I can do that’s outside of my box. I was inspired from some other people here to just go in GarageBand and see what loops and things I could throw together and see what I could come up with. This is the first time I’ve done this, and I’m decently happy with the fun little pieces I patched together. This allowed me to just try things and to see where they might lead me, and what that led me to was some freedom to try new things and have a new approach to creating music.

What you have here are my first trials at creating and layering music.  It’s mostly instrumental, with one spoken word track. Thanks to so many people in the 50/90 and February Album Writing Month (a.k.a FAWM) communities, and especially Beto Dealmeida, Wobbie Wobbit, Robyn McKenzie, Paul Hudson, and Rayna Richardson.


Released October 27, 2022

All Songs performed, written, and arranged by Ken Mattsson. Recorded & Mixed at BeaconBeats Studio, Arlington, Massachusetts, Mastered by Mermaid’s Tavern Digital Studios, Waltham, Massachusetts, Cover Design by Ken Mattsson

©2022 BeaconBeats Music