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Breaking Through

My first recording, Breaking Through, was released in January 2022, and contains six songs that I wrote as part of my participation in February Album Writing Month in 2020 and 2021. The recording is available to download for free, including the liner notes and lyrics. If you wish to donate, you can send me some money through PayPal or Venmo.

Breaking Through is a true beginning. While I have been a singer and folk musician for decades, I was never confident enough to actually create something myself, and childhood bullying for actually showing anything creative put a damper on my life for decades. It’s only been recently that I’ve gotten the emotional strength to actually get something out of myself for others to see, and this EP is the first tangible artifact of this. I am growing as a musician, and I look forward to looking back at this as my first step into a new exciting world of making music.


  • Michael Row 02:27
  • Three Jolly Young Lads 01:45
  • All I Am Missing Is You 02:04
  • Harmony Singer’s Lament 01:36
  • Step Forth O Soul Magnificent 02:24
  • This Is A Start 02:06


All Songs performed, written, and arranged by Ken Mattsson (Vocals, Tenor Ukulele, Baritone Ukulele), except:

  • Step Forth, O Soul Magnificent and This Is The Start: Lyrics by Stephen Wordsmith, Music by Ken Mattsson
  • Michael Row: Lyrics by Ken Mattsson, Music by Alex Klages

Thanks to: Chris Alderman, Leslie Bordonaro, Beto Dealmeida, Alex Klages, Elisabeth Miller, Phill Nimiskern, Lynn Noel, Erin Ash Sullivan, Malissa Vieira, Stephen Wordsmith, the Tuesday Night FAWM Zoom Crowd, the Ukulele Union of Boston members, and all the participants in February Album Writing Month who have supported me to actually get out of my shell and present my music to the world.

Mastered by Mermaid’s Tavern Digital Studios, Waltham, Massachusetts

Recorded & Mixed at BeaconBeats Studio, Arlington, Massachusetts

Cover photo by Jill Heyer on

©2022 BeaconBeats Music