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Virtual House Concert Series (2020-21)

The COVID Pandemic and Lockdown in 2020 and 2021 was a difficult one for everyone, yet one where people got really inventive as they were only in their houses and got creative. For me, one of the things that I did a lot of was sing and play music online and that brought me into pushing myself to perform in this new venue. This lead to my setting up a concert that was wildly successful with a much larger audience than I could ever have in my living room, and with cries of “when is the next one?” And with that, the Virtual House Concert Series was born!

While many interactions don’t translate to an online venue, the house concert format works really well. As past participants have mentioned, everyone has a front row seat, the commute and parking are great, and there’s no line for the bathroom. Granted, the snacks are limited to what you have with you.

I’ve focused the series to feature performers who haven’t been heard by a wider audience, but should be. Also, I see this as a teaching opportunity for people who may never have performed before to increase their performance skills.

Note: Now that we can actually see each other in person, I haven’t had any online concerts scheduled for a while, but might be open to doing them sometime in the future.

Interested in Performing?

I’m always looking for performers who would like an opportunity to do a concert, either as a solo act or as part of a number of people. If interested, please contact me!

Past Concerts


  • Concerts are usually presented via Zoom, and we request that you pre-register for the event as there is a limit of 100 viewers at a time (and it keeps the Zoombombers at bay!)
  • The Zoom Waiting Room will open up 5 minutes before the concert starts (usually 7:25 p.m. ET)
  • Sign up for the Ken Mattsson Music Mailing List to be kept abreast of future events
  • Check out the Performance and Teaching Calendar to see upcoming events
  • While most Virtual House Concerts are free, donations are always welcome
  • Post-Concert receptions at