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Ukulele Songwriters Showcase, January 8, 2021, 7:30 p.m.

I have been lucky enough to be meeting with a number of ukulele players who have been developing songwriting skills and supporting each other’s creative development since June 2020. We’ve all played our songs at various online venues, but now is the opportunity for us to perform our songs for a larger audience.

Please join Chris Alderman, Barbara Keating, Elisabeth Miller, Malissa Vieira and me as we share some of our best compositions for you. This will be a low key event (think of it like being welcomed into our living room!) and we hope you will enjoy it. There is no cost, but donations accepted.

Please register for the event in advance. We look forward to sharing our songs with you!

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Note: There will also be a virtual reception after the concert using the Kumospace website, which is a virtual social room. Come in, get a drink, virtually move around the room and join conversations, or move off to a corner to have a private conversation. Go to and join us after the concert! It works best on a laptop/desktop on the Chrome browser, and if you have problems with sound, just leave the room and come back.


Chris Alderman

Chris Alderman has enjoyed being a photographer, graphic artist, teacher, writer, wife, mother and grandmother.  She took up the ukulele four years ago, then started writing songs working from poems that help explore her emotions and slightly quirky view of life.

Barbara Keating

Barbara Keating has been playing ukulele for five years, for the fun and friendship of the community. She’s played with Unlikely Strummers and loves to sing.

Ken Mattsson Headshot with Ukulele

Ken Mattsson is a singer and multi-instrumentalist who has worked in the genres of folk, pop, classical and many others. He’s been writing songs only in the past years and loves the ukulele community and the support of his fellow songwriters.

Elisabeth Miller is a long-time musician who found her creative spark when she took up the ukulele.  She has been writing songs since 2017, and is nearing completion of her first CD.  

Malissa Vieira

Malissa Vieira has been playing ukulele since 2011 and started songwriting in 2020. Her musical influences range from pop to folk to rock. Her rich use of metaphor in her music gives her songs a dreamy quality.

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