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Meditate Mass 351 Challenge: 6 of 351 (Winchester)

Empty Beach at Upper Mystic Lake, Winchester, MA, 18 December 2011

Today feels like winter has finally come to New England after a very mild November and December. The high temperature should still be below the freezing point, and while it’s very sunny out, it’s the type of day you want to just stay inside.  I’ve been cleaning and cooking in preparation for a gathering at my place this afternoon, but wanted to at least get out for a little bit.

One of the reasons for this challenge is to push myself to go to places that I wouldn’t otherwise.  This was a great opportunity, so I went to the Mystic Lakes Reservation in Winchester, which is a short ride from my house, but would be nice a quite and give me the chance to be out in nature.  I decided that this should be a walking meditation, as it’s really cold out!  It was nice and there weren’t many other people outside.  By moving and meditating, I focused on what was around me, my falling footsteps, and what I could see. I’m still working on it and distracted by too many thoughts but this was a nice respite from my planned day.

Ken at Shannon Memorial Beach, Mystic Lakes Reservation, Winchester, MA, 18 December 2011

So, what new things are you trying today?

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