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A new start for

I’ve decided to do something different with my personal site, and have installed WordPress here, and am using this to try out some things and practice the different ways that I can use WordPress for building a website.

To see some other things that I’ve been doing, you can go to:

Thanks all!


  1. Benjamin Seaman

    Hey Ken, congrats on taking the WordPress plunge. When you figure it out I will hire you, I am slogging away at it myself and still learning. One thing I learned is don’t use goDaddy to host, they are poorly rated and have very slow server times which gets frustrating when you are in the development stage and need to refresh and re-view a lot. But overall – congrats and good luck! – Ben

  2. Ken

    Thanks Ben! I like what you’ve done with yours. I’m going to steal a few things I like. I’m trying to do the format where the blog is at /blog, but the main page is a description. Got to figure out how that works! I may be calling you soon!

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