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Meditate Mass 351 Challenge: 20 of 351 (Holland)

Often as I’ve driven back home from New York or Connecticut, I’ve notice that the last exit on I-84 in Connecticut, just feet from the Massachusetts border, is for the town of Union and the Massachusetts town of Holland.  As this was one I’d never been to before, and I had a little time on my way home from a weekend in the New York Berkshire Hills town of Pawling with a friend, I decided that this would be the next town to check off my list of the Meditate Mass 351 Challenge.

Holland is interesting as it’s one of the few towns in the Commonwealth that doesn’t have a numbered state highway that goes through it.  The exit off of I-84 turns into a town road, that quickly skirts the Hamilton Reservoir, which has houses all around it’s banks.  It looks like the type of place that would be very popular in the summer with a lot of water skiers and speed boats going up and down its length.  No chance of that right now as there was still snow on the ground there (which was surprising as there wasn’t any snow in Hartford or Boston).  I got to the town center, which seems to be just the main intersection. There I saw the town hall, library (very cute), the Holland Elementary School, and in walking a little further, I saw a house with a windmill on it.  This was Holland after all!

So, is there something that you’ve always seen, but have been itching to experience, even if it’s not something really momentous?

Windmill House, Holland, Massachusetts, 4 March 2012
Ken at the Holland Library, Holland, Massachusetts, 4 March 2012


  1. Eric

    That is a cute little library!

    I’ve been itching to try a Duck Tour! I work literally across the street from them but have yet to climb aboard. Perhaps 2012 will be my year.


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