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Meditate Mass 351 Challenge: 19 of 351 (Watertown)

Ken at Watertown Free Library, Watertown, Massachusetts, 20 February 2012

As I stated in an earlier post, I knew that the first few towns to meditate in would be relatively easy.  I would be hitting the towns around me, and I could do them while I was on the way of doing other things.  Today, being Presidents Day and a holiday, I had the opportunity to get a massage (highly recommended to anyone who’s never treated themselves well!) and I knew I had only one more town in the Greater Boston area that I normally go through but hadn’t made it to yet. So, my mission for the day was clear: I needed to stop in Watertown.

Many years ago, I used to live just over the border of Watertown in the Waverly section of Waltham (which confused everyone as it’s on the Belmont-Watertown border, but I lived in a little tiny section of Waltham that peeks in there), and when I lived in Cambridge, I used to go to the grocers in East Watertown all the time.  While Watertown is one of the oldest towns in Massachusetts (founded in 1630), it’s probably most known now as having one of the largest Armenian populations outside of Armenia.  I stopped by the Armenian Library and Museum of America (it was closed for the holiday), but I am more likely to go for the food.  I still remember the great bakeries and other food stores where you could get all sorts of Armenian/Middle Eastern type food.  Given my celiac diagnosis, I have to be much more careful about that, but hope to make my way to these places again.

So, when have you returned to a place you remember from your past, and what triggers your memories?

Armenian Library and Museum of America, Watertown, Massachusetts, 20 February 2012

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