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Meditate Mass 351 Challenge: 22 of 351 (Melrose)

Ken at Melrose Cooperative Bank, Melrose, Massachusetts 17 March 2012

On a Saturday when I didn’t have any other plans, I decided that this would be a good time to spread my wings and find another town to add to the Meditate Mass 351 Challenge. After looking at the map and seeing where I could get to, I decided to make my way to Melrose.

Melrose is a small city and one of those places that while not all that far away, isn’t a place that you go through on the way to anywhere else. I’ve had done friends who have lived there and visited a few times but it’s been mostly an indistinct place in my mind. I drove and got to the main street, where there were many shops and the downtown is only a few blocks, but those few blocks feel like a city as opposed to an overgrown town. I had gone to an event at the Auditorium there and remember it being quite impressive.

As it was St. Patrick’s Day, I did run across a community band playing inside a hall. You could tell this was a non-professional event but one where everyone knows someone on the band. I was invited in but decided to keep on walking.

It was a nice little gem of a place.

So, where have you found something you didn’t expect right underneath your nose?

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