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Poem: The Comet and The Sun

I have been out sick with a nasty flu for the past week, and it’s really gotten me down, but it has given me lots of reflection time. I was outside lying in the sun (trying to bake out this gunk) yesterday, and as I was journaling, this poem came out. I figured that I’d at least share this with you. I don’t proclaim to be a poet, and I’m sure this could go through a lot of editing, but here it is anyway. Sort of states where I am on my journey.

The Comet and The Sun

I want to grow wings out of my back
and glide above the buzz of the day to day life
to see the inconveniences for the little annoyances that they are
instead of the struggles they appear to be from this vantage point.

I want the clarity to see things from the perspective of the eternal
where I can relieve in myself of the burdock burrs of life
that cling to your pants whenever they find you as a convenient vehicle.

I am not as important as I think I am.
While I am the center of my galaxy, I am only a passing comet in this;
bright, energetic, and slightly dangerous if I get too close.

I will also make entry and exit, onto other exciting adventures .
The comet is viewed as impressive when in view
but not much considered went out of sight.

May I have the humility to see my light as people see the comet:
a welcome visitor but not the sun.

So, What have you come to realize today?

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