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Off to see the homesteads

It’s Friday morning, and today Stig-Åke, Karin, and another cousin whom I forget his name at the moment, are coming and picking me up, and we’ll be visiting all the little villages where my mother’s fathers family is from. Should be interesting. I’ve also checked out of the hostel, as I wasn’t sleeping well there. It’s in an old train, and it’s very narrow, small, and there’s not a lot to keep you from hearing other people. I don’t know where I’ll be staying, but I’ll find a hotel somewhere so that I can sleep better.

Yesterday in Malmö, I got to go to the Koggmuseet, which is a museum of medieval boats and what life was like back in the middle ages. I also went out and took a bus to the most western part of the city so I could see the Öresund Bridge and over to Copenhagen. One thing I’ve noticed here is the number of wind turbines around. There certainly is a lot of wind so that you generate energy. It’s what they’ve got here.

I’ve got to research hotels and more info on my family geneology, so we know what we’re looking for today.

I’ll check in later. Feel free to post a message on my blog if you want to get a message to me. I’ve noticed that sometimes I can login to my regular email, and sometimes I can login to my account, but usually not at the same time. If you want to get a message to me, try both!


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