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Now in Norrköping

Well, I took the three different trains to get to Norrköping from Karlskrona, and it wasn’t too bad, but I was a lot of changing. I accidentally was in first class for the first trip, but they didn’t catch me. 😉

I booked a room at the Hotel Isabell here in Norrköping, and it’s a budget hotel. No frills, bathroom across the hall, but it’s cheaper than anything else I could get.

Norrköping is like my hometown of Maynard, but much bigger. There are a lot of mills here, and they have been beautifully redone. I’m going to go to the Museum of Workers tomorrow, and today I’ve already gone to Klockgutaregatan, where my great great grandmother was living when my great grandfather died. Right now, it’s an apartment house with a pool hall on the first floor.

I’m in the Norrköping Library, and I’ve got some time booked to work with the genealogy specialist here to do some research, so I’ll report back when I find something. Right now, I’ve got to figure out where I can wash my clothes, as I’m almost out. I might be doing it in the sink in my room!



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