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Now in Utö

Well, I left Norrköping this morning, took the train to Stockholm, the next train to to Västerhannige, and then the bus to Åsterhavstad, where while I was waiting for the ferry, my friend Lena and her daughter Nini, and I helped them with the various packages onto the boat. It was great to see people that I already know. We came to the island and brought all the stuff to their vacation house on a hill with a glorious view of the bay between here and the mainland, and then we took their 30 year old bicycles the 3 kilometers (approximately 1.8 miles) to the only store on the island. We bought a lot of food and came back with our groceries on the three bicycles home. By the time we got home in the rain, Fredrik, my former singing partner in Stämbandet, joined us, and we started getting down to having some wine. As they were wondering what a vegetarian eats, I made dinner tonight, and we are going to take a little walk to see their old cabin. It is 10 p.m. right now, and it is still light out. 

Tomorrow is Midsommerafton, so this will be the party day. We will go down to the center of the island for the raising of the Maistang (midsommer pole) and I guess there will be dancing around the pole, and picking of flowers for midsommer kranz (flower halos to wear on your head.) The big party is tomorrow, so we will see if I can write!


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