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Mom’s End: 7th Update

Just got back from the hospital. We’re all getting tired. Mom is getting really swollen in her hands and feet, which shows that he heart isn’t pumping effectively (congestive heart failure side effect). The nurses can tell that her systems are shutting down, such as she’s not urinating even though she’s getting fluids. Her pulse, blood pressure, and respiratory rates have been steady though. They said they will also be moving her out of the CCU into a lower level of nursing service tomorrow. 

We’re meeting with the doctor tomorrow morning to see what the next actions we can or should take. It’s just dragging on, and that is draining, but we’re all supporting ourselves and have support. My sister has 1200 people checking out her page for caregivers, and my brother has a good number of people from his songwriting community. Right now, I’d just love to have someone come in and clean up my apartment, but I’d need to be here. I hope a break comes soon!

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