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Mom’s End: 4th Update

Thank you all again for your outpouring of support. It’s been a true blessing. This difficult time has been made easier by your loving presence. 

I’ve just come back from the hospital/Dad’s house. My brother, father and I met with the nurse and doctor who have been caring for my mother. They confirmed that there has been no improvement in my mother’s condition, and that the EEG done this morning showed extensive brain damage from the lack of oxygen on Saturday. We understood that there was really nothing more that could be done. They have given her an anti-seizure drug, and were wondering how that would work, but it wouldn’t heal any of the damage that she has. Her only life support is a ventilator, as she’s off the cooling therapy and the blood pressure drugs. They took her off the ventilator this morning for an hour, and she did breathe on her own, but she didn’t do well with it. She is unresponsive to touch and doesn’t react to any stimuli.

We decided that we all wanted to be there, and not knowing how long it will take for her to pass on, we will be going to Emerson Hospital tomorrow morning at 9 a.m. to have the ventilator removed, and we’ll stay there as long as we need to until she passes. We know that she’s no longer present in her body mentally, so it’s just a matter of the physical catching up with that. I can say that I’ve felt her presence in my heart, and that my sister felt that she’s now released from her pain.

I’ve already started working on the details of the funeral and wake, and will post those details when I get them. We will be having an autopsy done, as we don’t know what the real disease that she has, and we’d like to know that for our health benefits. I’m also looking for a Lutheran pastor to help me officiate the graveside funeral (I think I should be able to find one). My mother was raise Lutheran, but hadn’t gone to a Lutheran church, but my father would like that presence there.

I’m doing okay, and am trying to be present to my feelings and not just try to make sure everything is going well. 

Again, thanks for your support. I have asked some people for assistance, and may ask for it in the future. Hugs are always excepted. More details to come.

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