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Meditate Mass 351 Challenge: 13 of 351 (Waltham)

Ken at Beaver Brook Reservation, Waltham, Massachusetts, 2 January 2012

As I mentioned in my last post, I was doing my walking mediation through the fields of Rock Meadow in Belmont, when the landscape changed from meadow to woods, and I soon saw a bridge up ahead on the path.  As I got to it, I found that this was Beaver Brook and that the bridge went from the Rock Meadow Reservation to the Beaver Brook Reservation in Waltham.  My little brief walking meditation was all of a sudden going to get longer.  I could get two municipalities in in one day!  Score!

I have a history in Waltham.  My mother was born there, and I lived there for two years myself, not far from the Beaver Brook Reservation, but I hadn’t investigated it. It was striking that it became wooded quite quickly after crossing the bridge from Belmont, and it had your classic New England topography with drumlins and eskers. There were a number of mountain bikers on the trails, and all the trails were rocky (as is usual for New England). As there was no snow on the ground, it was easy to find footing.

Also surprising was to find a fully decorated Christmas tree in the middle of the woods!  Someone had extra time on their hands.  It brought a smile to my face!

Christmas Tree in Beaver Brook Reservation, Waltham, Massachusetts, 2 January 2012

I worked at breathing and trying to watch, listen, and just be present to what was around me. Waltham is technically a city, but this area was as rural as you can get, which is a nice little gem to know about so close to my house.  The sun was going down and I had to take about 30 pictures of me laying down on the bridge to try to get my face and the words etched in the bridge in the same shot.

So, have you changed your plans to take advantage of an opportunity, or do you always stay on schedule?


  1. Eric

    I fluctuate between changing plans, and always staying on schedule. Or, I just work faster and harder, so I can change my plans AND stay on schedule 🙂

    I love the Christmas Tree discovery!

  2. Ken Mattsson


    It’s a challenge for me too. I’m always trying to think of how to best get things done without driving me crazy. It’s a fine balance.

    Yes, the Christmas Tree was quite the surprise!


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