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Back in Civilization after being in the Skärgård

I just got in today to the city of Stockholm, and I’m staying at the Columbus Hotel in Södermalm. Södermalm is sort of like the Harvard Square/Davis Square of Stockholm, as there are a lot of funky restaurants and stores, and there’s a great variety of people here. It looks a lot more like what I’d see on the subway in Boston when I walk the streets here. 

I’ve got three more days here in Sweden, and I’m planning on checking out a number of the museums here. There are over 70 in Stockholm alone. I have to figure out which ones I’m going to go to over the next few days. 

Today was a glorious sunny day here, as the previous two were cloudy and rainy, so this was a great relief. Fred and I went out in his boat this morning, and it went really fast. I also hung out, sat out by the water, and right before we left, Fred and I went for a dip in the Baltic. It’s definitely still cold. I was in for about 30 seconds, if that! As the Baltic has only one outlet to the ocean near Copenhagen, it’s not very salty. When you’re down by the water, it smells more like it’s a big lake instead of the ocean. I can tell you, that when you swim in it, you taste the salt! 

I’ve got to go up to my room and get some sleep now. It’s about 11 p.m. here, and I’m quite tired. The room is nice, but I never thought that I’d spend about USD105.00 for a room on the fourth floor (no elevator here) with a shared bathroom, but as I didn’t want to spend USD300.00 for a room for three days, I can manage this. I’ll be happy to be home in my own bed, and also when I go to Seattle soon for the National Career Development Association Conference next week (yes, I’m a glutton for travel punishment) I’ll at least have a nice bed. 



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