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Jean C. Mattson, January 24, 1939 – September 4, 2009

After many struggles, Mom finally passed on at 6:15 p.m. this evening. Dad and Jane were with her, but I and my brother Rob had already gone home. She was comfortable and not in pain. Dad said that she looked very peaceful. 

It’s been a very long journey since last Saturday. Dad’s gotten about 10 hours of sleep in 4 days. He’s going home to rest, and I’m starting to make the funeral arrangements. We’re having an autopsy done, as my mother had a very unique health history and was being studied by a researcher at Brigham & Women’s Hospital who used to be the Head of Rheumatology at Lahey Clinic in Burlington, where they got most of their health care. 

I will be posting information about dates and times of the wake and the funeral as we figure them out. I will also be posting any request that we might have for help. I know that many people have asked how they can assist, and I’ll try to let people know the ways that they can do that here. I know that my Dad will need a lot of support both now and in the future. 

I’m inviting anyone over tonight that wants to come and bring some vegetarian food that I might be able to eat as leftovers, help me clean up the apartment a bit, and just give me hugs. All are welcome. Call me if you’re thinking about coming, but I would ask that you send your condolences to me electronically. I think I’m going to be inundated, and I’d like to be able to handle them when I have the time and mental capacity.

We’re all emotionally drained from this, so please be understanding.

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  1. Chris and Joe

    September 5, 2009 at 6:50 AM
    Ken… Big virtual hugs from Joe and myself… I know this past week was hard for all of you but remember, you did the right thing. You were a good son and I am proud to call you my friend. You know I went thru all this with my mom too so I totally understand what your emotions are like. As much as Joe and I would love to come up for the services, we can not so just know that we will be there in spirit and sending you all the good vibes we can to give you emotional support. Call anytime you want to talk. I know that there is not much we can say so i will just say we are here for you.

    HUGS… and all our love… Chris and Joe

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