‘Ukulele Resources – Boston Area & Beyond

This is to put down and share all the the resources that I’ve discovered to help make me a better ‘ukulele player. Send me a message if you have anything to add or correct.

I’m a performer myself (primarily a vocalist) and am looking to play more gigs out. I’m also looking to collaborate with other musicians (especially another ‘ukulele player) to form an ensemble. Let me know if you’re interested.

Boston Area Resources

Boston ‘Ukulele Calendar

Local Events and Special Events that someone from the Boston area might travel a day’s journey to attend. Send me information on any event that you would like to be added to the list.

Annual Regional ‘Ukulele Festivals and Camps

Local ‘Ukulele Teachers

Local ‘Ukulele Performers

‘Ukulele Education & Learning Resources

‘Ukulele Online Education

Music Theory for ‘Ukulele

Other Online ‘Ukulele Resource Lists

I’m not the only one who has resource pages, so here are some others online that you can check out.

‘Ukulele Video Instruction

‘Ukulele Music Scripting Resources

Really Geeky Music Video Channels

Want to really get behind how chords work and music? These three are my favorite YouTube channels to dig deep into the music theory.

  • Jake Lizzio at Signals Music Studio – Really approachable intro to music theory. Great guitar player and explains things really clearly for beginners.
  • Adam Neely – NYC bass player with degrees from Berklee and Manhattan School of Music.
  • Rick Beato – Music producer and the highest level of theory. Former college music professor.

‘Ukulele Song & Music Resources

‘Ukulele Media