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Ken Mattsson Headshot with Ukulele
Ken Mattsson Headshot with Ukulele

Ken Mattsson is a singer and multi-instrumentalist who has worked in the genres of folk, pop, classical and many others. He’s available for solo singing, group singing (especially with his Power Harmonies partner, Lynn Noel), as well as sing alongs with ‘ukulele. Check out his musical biography for more details of Ken’s performance background.

My most recent concert was a livestream from Digital Heritage Consulting‘s “Live from the Mermaid’s Tavern” series on April 30, 2020. (Note: there is an open mike sing for the first 30 minutes. I start my performance at 35 minutes into the video.)

My next musical project that I am working on is a compilation of music from the journal of Axel Lorentson, who was my great uncle and lived in the woods of New Brunswick from 1889 to 1973. He was an artist and had songs in his journal from pre-Civil War to the mid-1950’s.

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